Educational Institutions (K-12)
Crawford Academy, Toronto, Ontario
Kingsway College (9-12), Oshawa, Ontario
Ottawa Adventist School, Ottawa, Ontario

For additional Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Canada, click here.

Educational Institutions (Colleges and Universities)
Atlantic Union College, Massachusetts, USA
Andrews University, Michigan, USA
Canadian University College, Lacombe, Alberta
Washington Adventist University, Maryland, USA
La Sierra University, California, USA
Loma Linda University, California, USA
Oakwood University, Alabama, USA
Pacific Union College, California, USA
Southern Adventist University, Tennessee, USA
Union College, Nebraska, USA
Walla Walla College, Washington, USA

For additional colleges and universities in North America, click here.

For colleges and universities across the world, click here.

Youth Resources
Adventist Youth Ministries, North American Division
Camp Frenda
Canada Youth Challenge
Insight Magazine
Guide Magazine

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