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Family Life Ministries wishes to conduct an online-based survey, in the goal of sharing various resources, as well as supplies for parents and families in need, as a way of supporting you all, as the Family Life Ministries Department of the Ottawa Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  

To be able to share resources most suitable and beneficial accordingly to each family’s needs, we would need to identify the issues mostly important to you as a parent and for your families as well. As we move forward as a church, we realize that our church family has gone through various changes and challenges, as some have gone away, while other families have joined our congregation.


Due to the challenges of our current pandemic COVID-19, our congregation has not been able to fully gather all together as we use to. We want to ensure that we gather as much information from you as possible, as we find ways to ‘Reconnect’ as a church family.


Your participation in this confidential survey will help us implement the most suitable resources that would be most beneficial and valuable to you, as well as your families.


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