Lockdown Impact on Church Services

Dear Church Family,

During the current lockdown, we ask our members and patrons to stay at home with the following limited exceptions:


Sabbath Divine Hour Worship Service Participants

We will continue to live stream our worship service from the church adhering to a maximum of 10 persons total in the building. These individuals (Platform & Music teams, Audio Visual technician and Health attendant) will be scheduled and contacted ahead of time. 

All others are asked to stay at home. Access to the building will be denied to those who are not there by permission.

Sabbath School, Prayer Meeting, Youth Meetings, etc. will continue our Zoom platform. 


Volunteer Activity Outside of Sabbath Divine Worship

We recognize, that we have volunteers who come to the church for reasons other than participating in Divine Service on Sabbaths, however, unless authorized by a letter from the Church Board designating you as an Essential Church Volunteers, please stay at home. These essential volunteers will be authorized to act in areas deemed vital by Ontario Provincial Guidelines. For example, one such area is building maintenance & emergencies, where our building cannot be left unattended.

Essential volunteers will be authorized by letter from the Church Board – all other volunteers including those who hold keys to the building, who do not have this letter are asked to stay at home. Unfortunately, this stringency is necessary due to the present climate of cases in our city.

We express appreciation to all the committed volunteers who served our church faithfully, however this measure is put in place by our Church Board and supported by the Ontario Conference to keep us all safe. Heightened police and by-law surveillance, to ensure organizations comply with gathering limits is also in place. We must do our part to meet safety standards and avoid illegalities.

If you are the holder of a church key holder and have questions regarding this measure please call Pastor Greaves at 613-728-3558 ext. 1.


Sunday Drop Off (10 AM to noon)

During the lockdown, the drop off will continue as a drive-through option only. We ask that you stop to drop off your returns without exiting the vehicle. Persons who would typically come on foot are asked to send their returns by mail. Please do not mail cash.


Food Store

During the lockdown the food store will be open on Sundays only for curbside payment and pick up at the rear door of the church. Store patrons will not be allowed in the building. Kindly cooperate with the curbside attendant.

To place an order, kindly call Sister Kathleen Johnson at 613-836-5673 Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 8 pm. Feel free to leave a message if your call is not answered. Your missed call will be returned.

A time to come to the store on Sundays for pickup your order will be given by Sister Johnson. We ask that you leave after completing your curbside payment and pick up to help us ensure we are not exceeding the outdoor gathering limit of 5 persons.


Emergency Food Help Assistance

Please call Kathleen Johnson at 613-836-5673, Pastor Greaves at 613-728-3558 ext. 1, Pastor Innocent at 613-728-3558 ext. 2. 

Arrangements will be made for delivery or curbside pick-up.


Church Operation Inquiries

Please contact Pastor Greaves Pastor Innocent at the church 613-728-3558 ext. 1, or Head Elder Wanito Bernadin 613-601-8554

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