Seniors Program

Dear Seniors and Friends,

Your Seniors Ministry kindly invites you to join its weekly Recreation and Wellness program made specially for you!
You’ll be able to participate in:

  • Wellness Sessions
  • Exercise Club
  • Bible Book Club
  • Praise Sessions

and much more!

It will take place every Monday at 4 PM on Zoom.

This Monday, September 28, 2020, is our "Dial-In, Chime-In & Chill" Session. A space to share your thoughts and knowledge, or just to listen-in and be inspired!

To access the seminar:

  1. Zoom Number: 1-647-558-0588
    Meeting ID: 938 1237 7700
  2. Zoom Link:
    Password: 918449

See you there!

Your Seniors Ministry

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